beyond the cliff edge (redwill) wrote,
beyond the cliff edge

Lancelot Price 2007 December 29

I wander through this world like a freight train looking like a rapt and happy worm tunnelling its way to Wonderland. Alice would be proud of me as I am proud of her, dreaming impossible, both of us, impossible beauty and fear in the world of the outer but totally alive inside we spirits of life of living of giant world in a tinily marked time of dead or sleeping things that look a lot like humans laid out in their coffins of normality and reasonable judgements and economic feasibility. Poor things. I pity them and fear them for they have power in the outer world of their own damnation as they squeeze themselves and all they see, wringing only worthless nothing from all their work all their planning all their being and I am dreaming .. dream on dream on dream on dream on

There is no answer there is no one way dream on and never stop dream on
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