beyond the cliff edge (redwill) wrote,
beyond the cliff edge


They say that in the ancient days
writing on sky was commonly done
And yet in these old modern times
we no longer write, but simply haze.

pale moonshine lustre lost in dullest grey
how I wish that we descendents
had still some beautiful words to say
to write within
the untouchable sky

Lancelot Price 2010 August 1
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you're alive
You are too, Mister T. :) A good thing.
I've been active on deviantART instead of here, mostly because there are far more writers of original, non fanfic, poetry and prose. Even though the emphasis on dA is visual art, which gets much more attention from most members than writing does, there are a lot of serious non-professionals, several of whom write very well.

It's good to see you; I hope your life is still the exciting tortuous thing that the best lives are.