beyond the cliff edge (redwill) wrote,
beyond the cliff edge

BlackRabbit says

BlackRabbit says>
"I'm early. I'm early. My world's not got here yet.
This Wonderland's a nightmare,
not the stuff of dream
There's too much crazy sanity.
I want my tea and cream
and other fellow bunnies
jackrabbits, hares, and all.
Machines of madness kill the people here
They live in fear of gladness for
tiny little things;
so they build the giant sadness
the stacks of stacks and stacks
smoking, falling, crumbling under
weight of expectations"

BlackRabbit throws his watch away
It breaks, and loosened springs
fling the gears into the sun

They melt like winter
BlackRabbit waits for his world to come

Lancelot Price 2010 November 08
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