if I die I want to die burning

coming to you from eleven years into the future

beyond the cliff edge
This is my 'journal' for original writings; only in the loosest most metaphorical sense could it be considered a diary.

My baywords blog is gone with all other baywords blogs due to the demise of PirateBay.

Skyehawke archive containing a few of my narratives here: http://archive.skyehawke.com/authors.php?no=2277


A Taoistic Pantheist with Animistic tendencies.

An exemplar of purist baroque gothic minimalist spiritual hedonism...

major lifelong interest: engineering design
But oddly enough, this 'journal' is mostly about other things, expressed in artistic writings or brief commentaries.


Tersely eccentric.

mutually exclusive lover of machines and nature, of computers and parchment. Knowing that one can never have both worlds in the same now.


''And now for something completely different.'' Or quite:


favourite region of the year - high summer with Lleu and Herne

primal spirit - fire

power - sun

familiar - moon

favourite trees - maple, elm, and holly

favourite flowers - the coral climbing rose, and the yellow daffodil

favourite place - the forest

spirit animals - red stag and lynx and eagle owl

favourite instruments- voice and horn and pipes and pen

weapons - runesword, word and knife, and bow and brain

method - subconscious inner vision

salvation - the ecstasy of music, and union with the trees

profession - amateur seekerdrifterpoetsinger

All poems, stories, essays, and translations on this journal are Copyright 2001-2010 Lancelot Price, and my permission is required to legally use them for publication.

oo, aren't I special. ;)
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